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I've been Winter Camping since 1983
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Over 25 Years captured on film

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We've Been
1981 Nipmuc
1981 Bedde
1982 Bedde
1983 Bedde
1984 Sabbaday
1985 Sabbaday
1986 Champney
1987 Bedde II
1988 Oliverian
1989 Sabbaday
1990 Oliverian
1991 Oliverian
1992 Bolles
1993 Guinea Pond
1994 Smarts Brook
1995 Smarts Brook II
1996 Oliverian
1997 Smarts Brook II
1998 Oliverian
1999 Smarts Brook II
2000 Oliverian
2001 Smarts Brook II
2002 Hancock Ntch
2003 Hancock Ntch
2004 Oliverian
2005 Smarts Brook III
2006 Smarts Brook III
2007 Oliverian
2008 Oliverian II
Radeke Cabin
A Few Camping Tips
The Oliverian Brook Trail.
White Mtns, N.H.
A good friend, I've known over
25 yrs now, Mike Rockwood, has a
great website with a lot of hilarious
stories of our camping
adventures.  Check out his
webpage of
Winter Camping Exploits.
Other Camping Links I came across
Livin on
the Edge
Many hikers who look with benevolence on
backpacking during the balmy months cast
a jaundiced eye on hiking in the snow.  
Winter,   for such people,  is the time for
fireside musings and for viewing slides on
the last July's hike in the green Mountains.  
Hiking when it's cold is bad enough,  they
say,  but if you go out in the cold and snow,
 on purpose,  to hike,  you have reached the
outer edge of sanity, looked over, and
plunged into the frosty abyss.      
What does Truckaa do when  
he's not here?
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