Winter Adventures
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I've been Winter Camping
since 1983 Check out some
of my latest years.
A span of 4 decades
On top of the Bolder Loop
A good friend, I've known over
25 yrs now, Mike Rockwood, has a
great website with a lot of hilarious
stories of our camping
adventures.  Check out his
webpage of
Winter Camping Exploits.
Livin on
the Edge
What does Truckaa do when  
he's not here?
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Many hikers who look with benevolence on
backpacking during the balmy months cast
a jaundiced eye on hiking in the snow.  
Winter,   for such people,  is the time for
fireside musings and for viewing slides on
the last July's hike in the green Mountains.  
Hiking when it's cold is bad enough,  they
say,  but if you go out in the cold and snow,
 on purpose,  to hike,  you have reached the
outer edge of sanity, looked over, and
plunged into the frosty abyss.      
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