Our yearly picture of the fire
2003 - Hancock Notch Trail
This year we came home to about
2 feet of new snow
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The Thaw
Hey, how about we all get our
space blankets
Let's try wrapping ourselves in
space blankets
Not quite warm enough
A warm cup of coffee will taste
The Camp Site
Left to Right.  Dan, Steve, Dave, Dave
                    Bob, Champ, Bill, Mike
Bill is tired of keeping warm
Bill and Champs Sleeping
Bill is enjoying the Fire
Champ is quite warm
Champ's Spot
Everyone's Spot
Notice the Stack
Split It
Cut the wood
The Great Cigar Debate

How was it?
Just a bit better than a so
so.  Too big of a ring size.
Only gave it a so so because it
was free
Great Cigar,
Thanks Klaus, for the Box.