Steve , Bill,  Dave, Bob, Mike
The year that almost wasn't
Did I mention snow?
Snow! What's that? The hike this year was probably the worst.  
We were literally dragging our sleds over dirt, rocks, and leaves.  
As you will see in the pictures snow was non existent.
Small group this year.
Ya.  Only four of us. Believe it or not there may have been only
three of us.  More of this story to follow,
Still stayed the four days.  From the start of
the trip to the last day, things got
progressively better.
Start of the trail, dirt and rocks but finally came to some
ice to proceed on.
Camp went up in a flash.  Wood was plentiful, Even left
over from last year was dry and ready to burn.
First night was the coldest the next two were better.
With e lack of snow there was the opportunity of the
great exploration.
Check out this whole year,  Ya, it was
different but still have a story to tell.
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Mike putting up the colors.
As you can see we had little to
NO SNOW this year.
View of Waterville Valley
A spectacular view from the
hike on top of Sandwich Dome
2006 - Smarts Brook Trail III
No snow but the brook was
The waters were running high
giving a pictorial view.
25 Anniversary of the
1st Winter Camping Trip