1999 - Smarts Brook Trail II
THE FAB FIVE!  I've been camping with these guys
for over 20 yrs.  Every Presidents Day Weekend, we
don't know why, but we hit the White Mountians of
New Hampshire and go out one more time.

Front (Dave Me and Bob)
Back (Mike and Steve)
OK, So we hike in a couple of miles
and what's the 1st thing we do????
No way!!  You really go up there in the

               Your nuts!  

How do you keep those boys warm?
"Cut Wood"   

Hey you,  ya wanna help over here?

Oh, Sorry Mike, I just ah, ah ......  I'm
looking for wood.

Yea, that's it, I'm gathering wood
for me to cut
"Oh, Ok"

Fine, I'm just gonna sit over here
and watch Dave Play, Steve Sleep,
and Billy being Billy,

and watch the wood I CUT, Burn!  
So, does anyone know any
New jokes?
SO, is that all you do is sit around
and cut wood all weekend?
Naaaa,   We also like to do a few
day hikes.  Nothing but us and the
I have to tell you.  To get away, and
not have a worry in the world,  No
Phones, No Computers,  
No screaming kids, and no

It's a weekend, like this, that makes
me come back every year.
Set up camp, Of course!!  

 Alright  Dave, Just a few throws
and up goes the colors.