Remember those chains from
Pit Tips. Well, here is
precooked chicken and a
sandwich of Precooked English
Muffin. Egg and Bacon, wrapped
in foil.  All warming over the fire.

Water in pots boiled and sterile
ready for hot chocolate, soup,
or a freeze dried meal.

Don't forget to pack the foil out!  
Cooking Ideas
This Dutch Oven was
constructed with foil around a
pan in a half shell shape.  A few
coals underneath the pan and
these dough roll cookies came
out fantastic.
I prefer to toast my English
Muffin with a metal fork wedged
at the end of a long stick. A dab
of Peanut
Butter and ready to
With a couple of precooked
eggs, sausages, cheese, and
English muffins and you have
a couple of McMurray
Of course a pack stove is
very convenient,
Let's see how those
Jalapeno Poppers came out.
Some may cook directly over the fire

Fire gloves are recommended