Pit Sweet Pit
is the best way of saying you’re
proud to be an American.
Making the Pit
First and foremost, you want to think about, is
where you will be spending most of your time.  
In the Fire Pit.  Some of the objectives are room
and organization.  Find an open area where all
campers can fit around the fire.  Figure enough
space for the actual fire and enough room for
you to sit by it, allowing yourself room to move
back when the fire gets hotter.
Dig your pit down to the ground.  Clear away
as much snow as possible.  As the fire
burns,  more snow will melt leaving a
slippery pit to fall in.

Having a tarp ready is a smart thing to do.  
A sudden rain or snow fall when your
unprepared is never liked.
This is
digging out snow.
The reflective side of a space
blanket will reflect the heat
right back to you
Notice the spit across the fire pit.  This will
serve many uses.  Hanging Pots, Pans,
Drying clothes, gaiters, and gloves.  Even
something to lean on for balance, crossing
that bed of coals.
Over the years we have complimented our
spit with other ideas.  Check out the chains
and cord with alligator clips on both ends.  
The chains can vary in length.  Hanged or
wrapped around the spit allows many
things to be hung over the fire.  Gloves,
handkerchiefs, even a mess kit pans have
been hung from these chains.    The chains
can be made as long or as short as needed.
 Maybe you want a high cooking
temperature or a slow cook.  Just raise or
lower those chains.  
Where weight can be a challenge, Pot
Hangers are constructed.  Notice the stick
(Left). A top of a tree with a branch strong
enough (about 2 in diameter) to barer the
weight of  a pot of water.  At the other end
of this stick is a notch (Right) wide enough
and deep enough  for the handle of these
pots.  Also notice in the back a turkey leg
hanging from those infamous chains. If you
want other ideas on how to cook in the pit
just click on
Cooking Ideas. Fun stuff to
check out.