"Steady as it goes"
A  walking stick can be your best friend.
 Balance, stability, leverage, it has it all.  
With a little creative work around the
knots, nooks and crannies, you can
transform this small tree into a great
looking cane.  
Start carving out around
the knots on the stick
and see what develops.
Here are some close-ups of the
detail work on the staffs  
There are two parts to this grip.  First
the leather strap screwed into the staff
that you put your wrist through.  
Second, a leather-braided belt screwed
into the staff at both ends of the belt.  I
weaved some white nylon into it just to
give it some more character.  I also
braided some more leather giving it
added attraction.
This ice attachment was a
great addition.  I do have to
mention that I secured it also
with a screw and washer on
the bottom.
With the shaft I carved out
crossing paths and laid in
wet leather strapping.
Click on any of the photos and
see the detail real close up
See this staff in action.
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