So where is Dave
2006 - Smarts Brook Trail
Well, here's the scoop.  Arizona is a lot warmer.  This however this is just a fact.
 Not the reason why "
Dave's not here."  His brother in-law Mark , a former
member of the original camping crew, last known appearance
1991, has a
daughter Nadine, this would be
Dave's niece, getting married on Feb 25th.  
However this is just another fact.  We went camping February 18th. Another

I did mention that there may have been only three of us.  Yes only three.  Bob
was about to miss his 22nd year.  The legend was, this wedding was suppose
to happen on Feb 19th.  This was and still is the planned weekend of our
annual camping trip.  So happens that the reception room was booked that
weekend.  So why was Bob about to be one of the missing?  He too wanted to
go to this wedding.  Bob is also an uncle of Nadine.  

Did I say
Dave's Not Here? Well apparently he was.  Look out below.
Dave by the fire
Dave not cutting wood
Dave not stacking wood
Dave taking a break
Dave standing around
Dave taking a nap
Dave not breaking camp
Dave taking a crap
Dave eating turkey
Dave in the spa